Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fred Moten Spring Equinox 2009

Fred Moten read his suite Hughson's Tavern last March. This was our second reading. Fred tends to work in what I think of as panels, short page-long pulses or figures--for some reason today I thought of the photographer Robert Frank's "The Americans" and the way one has a sense that there is a figure he is after in each shot that the bodies and forms may or may not coincide with. Not that Fred's figures are suggested in this way, but that they are masked, mute after a fashion. The surfaces are flecked (inflected) with wonderful changes and stretches but compassed in and by this larger topic.

"Hughson's Tavern"

Fred Moten Pt. 1

Fred Moten Pt. 2

Fred Moten Pt. 3

Fred Moten Pt 4

Fred Moten Pt. 5

Fred Moten Pt.6

Fred Moten Pt. 7

Fred Moten Pt. 8

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tom Meyer on Epiphany 2010

Tom Meyer read for us on Epiphany (Jan 6th) 2010. He read a long poem composed after the death of his partner the poet Jonathan Williams in 2008. He also read from his long poem Coromandel. I haven't put the video from that up as, alas, the camera filled up before he finished, and the section he read from has no easy break.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chris Vitielo on Midsummer's Eve 2009

Chris Vitielo read/performed for us on Midsummer's. Here's the video (this time complete with Intro and after burbles).


Vitielo, "Word Screen Pt 1"

Vitielo, "Word Screen Pt. 2"

Vitielo, "White Board Pt 1"

Vitielo, "Cello Pt 1"

Vitielo, "Cello Pt 2"

Vitielo, "Aftermath"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Andrew Joron at the Arcade Taberna 3-19-10

Andrew Joron read for us on 3-19-10, Equinox eve. The following are excerpts from the reading. Unfortunately the camera was full before Andrew read from his new piece on Silences.

Pt One:

Pt Two:

Pt Three: Introduction to Celan Piece

Pt Four: Celan Pt. One

Pt. Five: Celan Pt. Two

Pt Six

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kate Greenstreet at the Arcade Taberna 2-13-10 Pt. 1

This is Part One

This is Part Two

This is Part Three

Unfortunately, the angels of technology that seem to haunt my efforts to record readings visited at this point (or the camera battery died, or the camera was full--it was supposed to go an hour but only went a bit towards 40 minutes...)

Paintings in the background are by our friend Marcy Litle, up for this night, Candlemass reading 2010. It snowed during the reading a bit, but had snowed quite a bit up North the week before so that Kate and Max sort of drove out of the snow to get here, and then had to negotiate a little slick I am sure was not too disturbing for folks from NJ.