Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fred Moten Spring Equinox 2009

Fred Moten read his suite Hughson's Tavern last March. This was our second reading. Fred tends to work in what I think of as panels, short page-long pulses or figures--for some reason today I thought of the photographer Robert Frank's "The Americans" and the way one has a sense that there is a figure he is after in each shot that the bodies and forms may or may not coincide with. Not that Fred's figures are suggested in this way, but that they are masked, mute after a fashion. The surfaces are flecked (inflected) with wonderful changes and stretches but compassed in and by this larger topic.

"Hughson's Tavern"

Fred Moten Pt. 1

Fred Moten Pt. 2

Fred Moten Pt. 3

Fred Moten Pt 4

Fred Moten Pt. 5

Fred Moten Pt.6

Fred Moten Pt. 7

Fred Moten Pt. 8

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